Afridi slams fan’s arrest


Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi said Wednesday the arrest of an Indian student for wearing a shirt bearing his name was “shameful”, but would not deter the subcontinent’s fans from supporting rival players.

Ripon Chowdhury, 21, was arrested on Sunday in Hailakandi while watching a local cricket tournament after his shirt angered a Hindu nationalist group.

Afridi, whose mighty sixes and all-or-nothing approach to batting earned him a huge following across the cricketing world, slammed the move.

“It was shameful to arrest a fan for wearing my shirt,” the 36-year-old told AFP. “Such incidents don’t suit civilised people.”

“You cannot stop fans from supporting a player by arresting them,” he said. “Sports and politics should be kept apart and such incidents go against the principles of sportsmanship.”

In January a Pakistani fan was arrested for waving the flag of India after his idol Virat Kohli struck a match-winning knock against Australia.


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